Industry knowledge

How to install the inner tank of a broken thermos bottle


First open the back cover of the thermos bottle. Be careful at this time. It is best to wait for the hot water in the thermos bottle to cool down before installing it to avoid burns. Unscrew the lid.

Pour out the fragments in the bottle at this time. Remember to dispose of the fragments. It is best to put them in a bag and wrap them in a layer of bags, because the cleaners can easily scratch their hands by the glass when separating the garbage.

Then put the inner tank up from below, and there is an apron on the spout. Don't drop it, or forget to put it in.Just tighten the back cover after installation. Of course, you can’t screw it to death, it’s almost done.

Add a little knowledge outside. There is a small corner under the inner pot of the thermos bottle. It is used for heat preservation. Be careful not to break it when you buy it.If it breaks, the heat preservation effect of the thermos will be better. No, it won’t keep warm