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How to remove the scale in the thermos bottle


Thermos bottle is a common water storage vessel in life, but it is easy to form scale on the surface after a long time. So, how to remove the scale in the boiling water bottle?


1. Put some paper scraps in the thermos bottle, then pour some warm salt water, and gently shake the thermos. After a few minutes, the scale of the thermos will be removed.

2. After heating about 250 grams of vinegar, pour it into a thermos bottle. After soaking for a few hours, shake it up and down, and the scale will fall off.


3. Crush the two egg shells, put them into a thermos bottle, and pour cold water in half a tea tank. After plugging the cork, hold it with one hand, and hold the neck of the bottle with your thumb and other fingers. Support the bottom of the bottle with the other hand, and then shake it up and down. After about 20 seconds, remove the cork, pour out the egg shell, and rinse it twice with clean water.

 Thermos bottle

4. You can pour about 500 grams of baking soda water with a concentration of 1% in a thermos bottle. You only need to shake it gently, and all the scale can be removed. But it cannot be heated, because vinegar is a volatile substance, it will evaporate faster after heating, and it only needs to be left for a while.


5. Potato chips can be used to remove the scale in the thermos bottle. Put the potato skins in the thermos, add an appropriate amount of water and boil it. The scale will be removed after about ten minutes.


6. You can put one or two magnets in the thermos bottle. Not only will it not accumulate, but the boiling water will also be magnetized, which can prevent constipation and pharyngitis.