Industry knowledge

Thermos Development

Archaeologists have discovered a double-layer container in the ruins of ancient Rome. This is the earliest item in the world that resembles a thermos.

In 1643 the Italians proposed the principle of vacuum, which laid a theoretical foundation for the invention of the thermos.

In 1881, British chemists plated a layer of silver on a single layer of glass, which reduced heat radiation and slowed heat loss.

In 1892, the British Institute of Science made a double glass container, coated the inner glass wall with silver, then evacuated the air between the double glass, and applied for a patent. The inventor of the thermos: the British chemist James Dewar is also called the Dewar.

In 1904, the Germans put a coat on the outside of the glass and blocked the mouth of the bottle with soft rubber or plastic to achieve a better thermal insulation effect. This is the modern thermos.

China was first made in the Song Dynasty. It was made of glass and coated with mercury. The shape is not much different from modern thermos flasks. It has a wide mouth, a long neck, and a handle. It was only available in the palace at that time. It was very precious. The thermos is given to the princess as a dowry.