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How to choose student Insulated lunch box

In today's fast-paced life, there will always be problems that revolve around our lunch. If you are not home at noon on weekdays and want to eat delicious meals, takeaway is not a long-term solution. What's more, at the moment of epidemic prevention and control, the purchase of takeaways has plummeted, and lunch for students in school is a problem that parents pay attention to.
After taking out food, students can have lunch in two ways: some students will choose to order lunch at the school and the other will choose to bring their meals at home when they go out in the morning. Either way, there will be a problem involved: keeping the lunch warm. At this time, the insulated lunch box appeared in people's sight in accordance with the demand.

There are a wide variety of insulated lunch boxes on the market, and there are many types, and attentive parents will certainly not be negligent on this issue. So the question that comes with it is, how to choose the right insulated lunch box?
Although the two lunch methods mentioned above require the use of insulated lunch boxes, the lunch boxes used are definitely different. For two different uses, the focus of the lunch box is also different.
Students who choose to bring meals from home generally choose stainless steel insulated lunch boxes. This kind of heat preservation lunch box has good heat preservation performance and large capacity, and the stainless steel liner is also easy to clean after use, and is generally vacuum heat preservation with long heat preservation time. And generally, each student has his own special lunch box, which is relatively safe to use.