Industry knowledge

  • The most common inner pot materials on the market are stainless steel and glass, and many people wonder which one to buy. Next, let's talk about the difference between the two and teach you how to choose.


  • One of the most commonly used methods is to blanch with hot water. You can pour the boiling hot water into a thermos bottle, then close the lid, and replace the hot water after one day, so that the peculiar smell can be removed in two days.


  • Thermos is something that we often use in our daily lives. This time, I will introduce to you how to remove the peculiar smell of the cork when the thermos has been used for a long time. I hope it can help you.


  • The three ways of heat transfer are: conduction, convection, and radiation. To keep the water in the bottle warm, it is necessary to block the three ways of heat transfer from the water to the outside:


  • The thermos bottle is made of double-glazed glass. Both layers of glass are coated with silver, which reflects the heat rays back, which cuts off the path of heat radiation. Bottle of three kinds of heat transfer After the block is blocked, the hot water in the thermos can never cool down.


  • The insulated lunch box was developed from a thermos bottle, and the principle of heat preservation is the same as that of the thermos bottle. Its characteristics are long heat preservation time, you can reheat when you want to eat; stylish appearance, light and portable; compared to the insulated lunch box on the market, the price is relatively affordable, the product is environmentally friendly, energy saving and beautiful.