Industry knowledge

  • In our daily life, we often use a thermos bottle. If the thermos bottle is poured and the inner liner breaks, it is a pity to throw away the entire thermos bottle, which is a waste. At this time, we only need to buy a new liner and reinstall it.


  • Most people think that the heavier the heat thermos bottle, the better the quality and the better the heat preservation effect. In fact, this view is wrong.


  • Winter is approaching, friends at home will always keep a thermos bottle so that they can drink hot water at any time. School students also have their own Thermos Bottles, but some students do not know how to choose insulation pots, so there are often accidents of insulation pot explosions. So how to choose?


  • The previous Weibo, “Bringing a meal at noon to become a cause of stomach cancer among young white-collar workers” was widely reposted. Roughly speaking, the nitrate contained in cooked dishes will be reduced to carcinogen nitrite during the storage process. Eating this kind of food will cause stomach cancer, so don't bring your own food in an insulated lunch box.


  • To identify the quality of the thermos bottle, take the bladder out of the bottle shell to see if the glass tail tube (shaped like a teat) under the bottle is damaged. If it is broken, it means that the air has entered the middle of the two layers of glass and it is impossible to keep the heat preservation.


  • Thermos bottle is a common water storage vessel in life, but it is easy to form scale on the surface after a long time. So, how to remove the scale in the boiling water bottle?